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New 39mm Clamp On Air Filter

New 39mm Clamp On Air Filter

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One New 39mm Chrome End Clamp On Air Filter

If you are looking for a great looking, high performance alternative to the stock air filter on your bike take a look at this air filter! It is made to be clamped directly to the back of your carb. By installing a filter on each carb you reduce restriction from the air box and, allow each cylinder to breathe on its own. Not only does the engine breathe better, the chrome on the filter makes it look good too.

Before you purchase please compare the specs of this filter to your bike's and see if it will fit. In order to figure out what size you need measure the outside diameter of your carb where your current air cleaner mounts and that is the size you need. In this case it should measure 39mm +/- 1mm.

Note if you have mutiple carburetors you will need a filter for each carb.