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TruGel MG12-BS Battery Triumph Bonneville 2001 - 2007

TruGel MG12-BS Battery Triumph Bonneville 2001 - 2007

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New BikeMaster MG12-BS TruGel Powersports Battery
Factory Activated With 2 Year Warranty
It is 12 volts , 6" Long, 3.44" Wide & 5.13" High.

Replaces old battery number YTX12-BS

Q. Why is Gel Electrolyte better? Gel electrolyte will not leak like acid or AGM Batteries , and require no venting. Because Gel maintains constant contact with the lead plates, it sulfates less and lasts longer. It also resists vibration and impacts that damage regular wet batteries.

Q. What charger do I use? Gel batteries are made to be charged up then left alone. A Float Charger is not to be used on these batteries, and many “Smart Chargers” get confused because they are too smart. Just a basic charger works best when needed.

Q. Why buy a BikeMaster Brand Battery over other brands? BikeMaster has been around since 1983 and is one of the largest manufacturers of aftermarket Motorcycle parts and accessories in the USA. They care about their name and do their best to develop and manufacture quality parts at reasonable prices. If a issue should arise they are not some fly by night company that is going to be gone tomorrow. BikeMaster backs this battery with a solid 2 year Warranty, no registration is required, just keep your original purchase receipt. For more information  click here to check out the Bike Master website

Q. Why buy from Rusty Riders llc? We are a Top retailer of BikeMaster batteries. Our inventory is constantly being sold and re-stocked ensuring you get a fresh battery, not one that has sat on a shelf and gone stale. To help ensure fast shipping & handling time we stock the batteries we sell and never drop ship them. We dont just sell parts, we use and stand behind the products we sell. If we would not put it on our vehicle we will not sell it!

Some of the bikes this BikeMaster TruGel MG12-BS Battery will fit are:

  • 2007 Triumph Bonneville
  • 2006 Triumph Bonneville
  • 2005 Triumph Bonneville
  • 2004 Triumph Bonneville
  • 2003 Triumph Bonneville
  • 2002 Triumph Bonneville
  • 2001 Triumph Bonneville

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