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TruGel MG14-BS Battery Triumph Sprint RS 2000 - 2004

TruGel MG14-BS Battery Triumph Sprint RS 2000 - 2004

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New Bike Master MG14-BS (YTX14-BS) True Gel Powersports Battery
Factory Activated Gel Battery With 2 Year Warranty
It is 12 volts , 6" Long, 3.43" Wide & 5.75" High

This BikeMaster TruGel Battery is a top of the line factory activated, nano gel battery. Why is Gel better? Gel electrolyte will not leak like acid or AGM Batteries. Gel Batteries require no venting and will not overflow. Because Gel maintains constant contact with the lead plates, it sulfates less and lasts longer. This battery comes ready to use, with gel electrolyte in the battery. No messy acid to deal with. TruGel Batteries come with a 2 year Warranty from BikeMaster. No registration is required; just keep your original purchase receipt. Should you have a problem within the two years, all you have to do is contact BikeMaster and provide them with a copy of your receipt to prove date of purchase. For more information click here to check out the Bike Master website, or take a look at the videos below.

Some of the bikes this will fit are:

  • 2004 Triumph Sprint RS
  • 2003 Triumph Sprint RS
  • 2002 Triumph Sprint RS
  • 2001 Triumph Sprint RS
  • 2000 Triumph Sprint RS